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Logo/Branding Process Frequently Asked Questions


What types of files will I receive?

Ai, Eps, Jpeg, Png will be sent for each design in color and black and white. All of the files will be sent in a zip folder. To open the folder you will need to download it onto a computer (double click on it for mac and right click, select extract for PC).


Will the designs be vector?

Yes, the art will be vector meaning it can be scaled to any size (this is important for logos).


Will I be able to use my logo for things like print, web and merch?

Yes! The designs are yours to use as you wish. I just ask that the colors and design not be altered to maintain design integrity.


How detailed should the logo be?

A strong logo design should be legible as small as 1” so it is important for it to not have too much detail. What makes a strong logo? Bold type with a well balanced central design. A mascot or character can be a good approach, or focusing on a unique characteristic of your business can also be very effective (such as a rare crop, product or service). Another approach is highlighting your mission (like sustainable practices, or community support for example).


How many colors should I have in the logo?

Somewhere between 2-6, any more than that can muddy your branding and make printing things like shirts very expensive.


Will I get the codes for the colors so I can use them for things like web design?

Yes, hex codes will be sent with all of your final files.


How long does the process take?

The process can vary depending on the number of designs but generally takes 2-4 weeks depending on the number of revisions/how quick the back and forth is.


What is the best way to communicate through the process?

Email is best, that way I can refer back to information, especially if there are pictures/reference imagery.


How do we go over design ideas?

Before I begin the design process I’ll send over some questions that will help with understanding your style and what imagery might best represent your business. How many revisions do I get? The process includes three revisions. If more are needed you will be notified and additional time will be billed hourly.

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